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So I've been called an eclectic artist and it totally fits me so let's break it down by starting with my career in the tattoo industry at the end of 2012 when I was just fresh 18 years old. I always knew art and music was my passion and once it became time to become an adult, I had to make a choice and tattooing was a no brainer since music doesn't pay unless you're extremely lucky or become something you're not and let people tell you what kind of music to make. When I started learning how to tattoo my roommate stole my rent money that I had paid months in advance and so because of my mentors kind heart, I lived with my mentor for almost two years and in that time I was constantly being challenged, critiqued, and told what I needed to impove upon ultimately helping me hone my talents and preparing me for my journey in the tattoo industry. After that I sought to make a name for myself and change my father's view on, "art being a hobby, and not a career". I became an certified Graphic Illustrator(2015) using Adobe and decided to give myself a pseudonym or an artist name after learning so much more about the tattoo industry from the show Ink Master. So I started going by LAB IV in honor of my grandfather(Louis Alfred Bergmann Jr.) who was the first person in my life to talk to me and acknowledge me as a human person and not just as a child. He even drove to the hospital on August  19th, at 2:36 am when I was being born in Chicago Heights, IL(For my astrology people) and tried to bribe my father 5k to give me the family name despite the personal problems between them over the years. Regardless of issues they had he made a huge impression  on me as a kid and sadly he passed when I was younge and just after my mother being murdered at the age of 5. Needless to say this was a huge impact on me. Leading to my next point of what kinda of an artist I am haha. I absolutely love the most to do memorial tattoos because of the profound impact and healing experience it can be for those who get them done and speaking from personal experience doing many of them myself. As far as my personal style I would say I tend to get and do a lot of Fineline, Blackwork, and Surrealism Tattoos but would like to do more Biomechanical and Comic/Anime Tattoos as I'm a huge nerd/weeb and have a deep love for the artistic freedom of making our bodies look as if they are morphing into something out of this world! I also recently became a freelance and  photographer specializing in bondage/shibari photography(2018), producing music professionally(2020) but with a background as a pianist at the age of 14 and made Best Bass Singer in Nevada's All-State Choir competition(2009), and finally becoming a Lapidist(2021) specifically working with black opal from Lightning Ridge Australia and currently learning how to facet so I can soon drop my

line of unisex and hand crafted jewelry with each one being completely unique and offering people high end hypoallergenic jewelry at a more affordable cost as compared to the jewelry industry.  So please feel free to check out any of my social media accounts always under the name Christopher Bergmann or LAB IV to find any and all of my ever growing portfolio work or talents and skills. Thank you in advance for the support and I look forward to working with you on whatever artistic vision you want brought into existence!



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