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Jay has loved and created art from a young age. What drew her towards the tattoo industry was the 11th grade. Her mother asked her to draw a stencil of a lion for her so that she could get it tattooed. When her mother showed Jay after she got it done Jay's passion for tattooing sparked from there.

Originally from California, Jay has been tattooing since 2022. She loves tattooing, black and gray, fine line, and anime tattoos. Jay enjoys drawing custom pieces and working with her patrons to bring their tattoo ideas to life. Tattooing isn't just a career to Jay. Each piece she makes produces a change in herself and her patrons. She sees each tattoo that she creates has a meaning. She enjoys helping people express and share their thoughts through art.

With over 3 years of customer service experience; Jay always gives her patrons a comfortable atmosphere. She uses a special numbing solution to make sure her patrons feel at ease and satisfied.


Reservar Cita


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